Bicycle and glasses: protect your eyes when you go cycling

Bicycle and glasses: protect your eyes when going cycling

Did you know that every time you go cycling you expose your eyes to some "risks"? You didn't? In this article we will explain why it is important to protect your eyes when cycling, especially if you practice cycling constantly in your free time.


You will have happened to have some free time on a sunny day and not to want to spend an extra minute indoors. So off you go, out in the open air for a nice ride, maybe along the waterfront, to breath some fresh air and reinvigorate your thight muscles. However, after ten minutes you started feeling a certain annoyance and irritation on your eyes and felt them like burning. Perhaps, you practice cycling on a regular basis and you realized that if you do not wear sunglasses, your eyes start weeping so much after about an hour of good cycling that you are forced to keep them closed and compelled to stop riding. Or more, you're on your bike deservedly after a hard work shift, smiling and enjoying at full lungs the sea breeze but suddenly you start feeling like having your cornea scratched and not to be able to move your eyes.


What causes eye irritation?


Those mentioned above are all cases in which your eyes have been hit by strange bodies like a pebble or a grain of sand, atmospheric dust or an insect. Sometimes we do not even notice events such as those, however, we are forced to stop and interrupt our much deserved ride. Not to mention the atmospheric smog which condenses in the raindrops which, alas, neither had been mentioned by the weather forecast on TV nor by our smartphone app. The raindrops catch us off guard and directly on our eyes. Moreover, we must add the risk always lurking behind the corner consisting of UV rays and blue light that in the long run can trigger degenerative diseases in the eyes.


How to protect your eyes when cycling?


It is always recommendable wearing a pair of glasses because by doing so we would avoid all the troubles that lead to eye irritation and spoil our free time on a bike.


Bici e occhiali da sole


There are many solutions with regard to glasses protecting our eyes when going on a bike.


Polarized lenses


Cyclists are always subject to sudden changes of light and shadows that inevitably bring about some efforts to the eyes. In addition, reflections, glares and backlighting pose a constant threat to bicycle enthusiasts who may risk losing control of their bike each time and may cause or be victims of accidents.


Curved lenses


Another important solution is represented by the curvature of the glasses. If glasses faithfully follow the shape of a face, they can protect the eyes more effectively. In addition, lenses with the right curvature guarantee a wide field of vision that helps out avoid the potential dangers of light and road.


Lens colours


The colour of lenses themselves is something that should be everything but underestimated, as many cyclists recommend the use of those with an amber and pink shades which improve visual acuity (level of image definition), thanks to the strong visual contrast they engender on the vision. On the other hand, dark shaded lenses are not effective when you find yourself in a situation in which sunny sections are quickly alternated with shade ones as when you go by bike in a city among buildings or through a wood. Even photochromic lenses, ie those with automatic darkening, can not adapt quickly to the changes in light mentioned above. Gray lenses are also recommended because not only do they reduce glare and dangerous reflections but also contribute to a clearer vision which in turn increases the alertness and responsiveness of the cyclist.



Occhiali e ciclismo



Always wear quality glasses when you ride a bike


Fortunately most people always wear high-quality glasses. According to some research, 8 out of 10 Italians are aware that buying low quality glasses from street vendors is a mistake especially if they are intended to be worn when cycling. As a matter of fact, the likelihood that you may face eye health problems when not using glasses of high quality with lenses not certified by qualified retailers increases and so the occurrence of more or less serious eye diseases. The most immediate reactions could be conjunctivitis and keratitis but in the long term the most serious ones are cataracts and macular degeneration. .

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, ie the transparent membrane covering the sclera, ie the white part of the eye, and of the inner part of the eyelids. Keratitis, on the other hand, can occur later on and it is a dehydration of the cornea. The continuous exposure to the sun of those people who often go by bike and does not adequately protect their eyes can foster the formation of the cataract that is the opacification of the crystalline lens. Besides, the ideal glasses for those who ride bikes must be made up of resistant materials because they are constantly subjected to highly stressful conditions such as exposure to dust, smog, rain, etc.

As far as the lens materials are concerned, many high-quality glasses have lenses with coatings that improve eye ventilation and prevent easy misting up due to body sweating. Other models include lenses with water-repellent, anti-dust and scratch-resistant coatings.

Ultimately, in order for those people who love going by bike to avoid eye diseases due to the sun exposure it is always good to wear high-quality glasses with certified lenses and consult qualified retailers.


Whether you are a passionate cyclist or a simple bike lover, always remember to wear a pair of glasses when you ride to protect your eyes from the unwanted effects of ultraviolet rays, blue light, dust, smog and insects. You do not want to underestimate the importance of the eyes that make you appreciate life every day and that have enabled you to read our article that hopefully you enjoyed, do you?

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