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Contact lenses fitting



Who knows why so many people have difficulty to use contact lenses? Applying them can be a very simple and everyday gesture. 



How to apply contact lenses?


Short and easy istructions:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and dry them with a towel that does not leave lints
  2. When you take the lenses be careful not to change the direction of the lens, that is  do not put them upside down on your eyes.
  3. Put the lens on your finger and observe it in the light.  If borders have reflections then it means the lens is upside down, if instead edges are sharp and the shape is completely concave, then the verse is  correct. 
  4. With your fingers of the opposite hand, gently lift the upper eyelid and lower the lower eyelid of the eye to which you will put the lens. 
  5. Gently apply the lens on the lower part of the eye
  6. Then remove fingers from eyelids and close the eye gently so that lens can apply correctly
  7. Then repeat the same procedure for the other eye.




Lenti a contatto



How do I remove contact lenses?

Simple and brief instructions:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and dry them with a towel.
  2. Look up and lower the lower eyelid with fingers. 
  3. At this point you have to bring your index finger closer to your eye and touch the lower edge of the lens and then slide it down. 
  4. Use your thumb and with a slight pression remove the lens with two fingers. 



Contact lenses removal



Do you risk infections with contact lenses?



If you follow the instructions of use and maintenance correctly, the risk will be very low.



And what about colored lenses?


Lenti a Contatto Desio



Desìo lenses are the only ones able to transform your look without depriving it of its spontaneity and naturalness. 

Thanks to their special design, which is able to transform the darkest eye colour in a natural way, Desìo lenses combine the perfect aesthetic performance with a range of visual corrections that is unique on the market.

In addition to the non graduated version, lenses for myopes, hypermetropes and astigmatics are available too. 



Contact lenses for children


If you care for your child's health, you know very well how important is to take your child’s myopic progression under control

Ottica Chiodi wants to be at your side and advise on the best and most suitable contact lenses for your kids, let alone the best eyeglasses. 

We offer you a free check-up and the most valuable advice to use contact lenses in the most appropriate and safest fashion.

 Since 1988, hundreds of mothers have been relying on us, on our specialization as well as on our high professionalism because of our daily mission to put our heart into our work .



Ottica Chiodi will be happy to teach you all the steps, assist you in your first application and help you choose the best solutions for your eyes.

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