What is a tonometry?


Tonometry is a diagnostic technique used for measuring an ocular tone that is the internal pressure in the eye or intraocular pressure.


How is intraocular pressure measured?


The tools used to measure an intraocular pressure are called tonometers and there exist 2 types of them: contact and blow tonometers.

They provide a measure in millimeters of mercury (mmHG) of the ocular tone.




Blow tonometry



What is tonometry useful for?


Tonometry can diagnose a glaucoma which is a condition that can cause serious and irreversible damages to eyes up to blindness.

The ideal intraocular pressure is between 10 and 20 mmHG.


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Warning signal 

Our analysis does not enable us to detect and discover with certainty eye deseases such as cataract, glaucoma or other kind of pathologies of the retina.

To that purpose, Ottica Chiodi strongly recommend that you regularly go to an opthamologist for a complete eye examination. 



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